Flip It Yourself is an online decorating service offered where we design your room and you install it!

The beauty of this service is that you can be anywhere in the world and we can create a design for you! The process is quick, easy and affordable! It also gives you an opportunity to be creative and enjoy decorating your own home, but with the guidance of our design team.

The process works like this:

1) You send us a short video or images of the space to be flipped.

2) We’ll Design and email a complete Mood Board which will include a “look and feel” as well as an over all design concept for the room.

3) Source! You then have the choice to source your items yourself as per the design or choose to use our sourcing service.

4) Install! Once you have all your items, you install the room yourself! Its easy to #flipityourself with the help of our design team!