Who we are

Space Flip Interiors is an interior decorating company based in Cape Town. We are inspired by local South African design and talent. Wherever possible, Space Flip Interiors prides itself on “supporting local”. We encourage our clients to purchase local pieces that are special not only because they are home grown, but because they support the South African economy and design industry.

The South African design industry has a multitude of incredible talent, and with this comes our own unique and rare design flavour – something most South Africans are yet to discover!

What we do

Space Flip Interiors offers a unique service called “The Space Flip”. Many of our clients are either not in a position financially, or feel daunted at the thought of the amount of work and energy it takes to decorate an entire home or multiple areas.

We say: lets start with ONE SPACE or ONE ROOM and “Flip it”!

We believe flipping one single room or space is achievable for anyone and we believe that investing time and money into transforming one room properly from ceiling to floor is way better than spending on various pieces and decorating various spaces haphazardly without realizing any real transformation!

How we do it

Please contact us if you would like to consult with Space Flip Interiors. We’ll help you discover your own unique style and guide you though the Space Flip Process:

  • Choose a room/space
  • Consult with us and receive a Preliminary quotation
  • Development of Concept/Mood Boards
  • Final Quotation
  • Final Design Development
  • Final Approval with Timeline
  • Source, build and customize
  • Installation
  • Final reveal!

Our furnishing and decorating services

  • Furniture selection, supply and installation
  • Selection and specification of all hard building finishes
  • Soft furnishings including fabrics, window treatments (manufacture and installation)
  • Custom furniture design
  • Space and Furniture planning
  • Flooring solutions
  • Interior and Exterior colour schemes
  • Placements of design accents and accessories.

Home staging

Selling a property? We also do home staging!

  • Forces you to de-clutter, organize and tidy up! This creates more space and appeal to a home.
  • Increases the likelihood of a sale
  • Reduces the homes time on the market
  • Helps Justify the asking price
  • Makes you look at your home and think like a buyer! This perspective, early on in the selling process will help prepare you for the time when your home is on the market.
  • Is fun! Home staging can bring new, fresh energy into a home and is fun to do!

Don’t forget bathrooms and kitchens!

Bathrooms and kitchens sell homes! Since being in the tiling industry before the decorating industry, We have extensive knowledge in designing and installing bathrooms and kitchen surfaces.

Let’s choose a space and Flip It!