Small Bathroom tips: The Powder Room or Guest Loo

The Powder Room or Guest loo is an important space. Don’t overlook this space! It’s a bathroom specifically provided for guests and so its important to make it a really special and beautiful space. It’s a small space but actually one of the most important rooms in your house!

Size – A Powder room or guest loo is often a small room, but that doesn’t mean it can’t have the “wow” factor. Actually, it might be easier and more affordable to create an impact with a few special pieces in a small room. To create space for people to move around comfortably in your room try to install wall hung furniture. Wall hung toilets, basins and shelves create space and have a sleek uncluttered look. Installing the functional pieces to the wall allows us a little more room to add a few décor pieces to the floor and gives an overall feeling of openness and extra floor space.

Guest Amenities – This is the place to put your most treasured hand wash lotions, creams and candles! It may not be affordable to purchase expensive high quality, fragranced hand wash for everyday use, however in this room it will go a long way and make an everlasting effect on your guest. A good quality scented candle is always a good idea and can look absolutely beautiful at night. Hand towels are just as important. White is always best. Make sure they are clean, good quality and changed regularly. In a guest loo, its super important to make sure you NEVER run out of loo paper. The best solution is to include a basket or box that is always filled with 3 or four rolls. That way you know you have excess supply. Make sure this basket is visible to guests so that should there be a need – they know exactly where to go for another roll. As with towels, keep loo paper white and good quality.

Décor – A Powder room is small and normally fits not much more that the functional furniture (toilet, basin etc). The best way to create space using décor is to use beautiful large mirrors on the wall and really striking light fittings hanging from the ceiling. These pieces don’t take up space but if chosen correctly can add huge impact. Keep other décor items to a minimum. If you have the space, small side tables are lovely for fresh flowers and candles. Baskets are great for the storage of extra loo paper, and shelves attached to the wall don’t interfere with floor space but add an extra space to put a few beautiful items on display. Keep walls simple, whether you choose to go for dramatic wall paper backdrops or simple light tile or paint, keep one consistent theme throughout the room on all walls and let your mirrors and light fittings pop off them!


We hope you have some great ideas for your powder room now! Don’t hesitate to contact us if we can assist in a Powder room FLIP! Space Flip Interiors is based in Constantia, Cape Town and we’d love to hear from you!


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