How to make your guests feel like they are staying in a five-star hotel!

5 perfect additions to turn your Airbnb room or guest room into a luxurious, plush space! Be warned – your guests will definitely want to come back!


  • Bedside furniture and accessories – The bedside, it’s actually a really important and functional space. Many people get up in the middle of the night, like to read, need to set an alarm or wear spectacles. For these and many more reasons its important to have a bedside table and lamp for each person sleeping in the room. Pedestals can be really expensive, but opting for a basic open pedestal can be really affordable and aesthetically appealing. Featured in our image above is a super cute minimalistic pedestal from Hemma furniture which works perfectly in a guest space. Its compact, functional and affordable!


  • Full length Mirrors – This is one that’s often forgotten, but so important! When guests are out and about, they want to see what they look like once dressed! It can be really awkward as a guest trying to find a mirror out side of their room so that they can see what they look like. It’s something hosts don’t always think about but makes a great difference to a guest! I absolutely love the “pill” mirror from Arkivio, it makes a statement piece of the full-length mirror and can serve as a real feature in any room! Its functional and beautiful!


  • Luxury Towels, Linen and blankets – Good quality, pure cotton linen is probably the single most important thing to invest in when purchasing items for your guest room. White bedding is a number one rule when it comes to sheets, pillow cases and duvet covers! All white, only white, everywhere …forever! Colour can be added to scatter cushions, blankets and throws. Linen on your guests’ bed should be freshly washed, ironed and laid shortly before they arrive. A special touch can be a little spritz of linen or room spray – My absolute favourite is “Under the leaves” from Charlotte Rhys. Don’t over do it with fragrance – less is more. When it comes to luxurious cotton towels, my go to is always Mungo. I first came across these towels, wait for it… when I stayed over as a guest at a friend’s home. I was absolutely hooked! Not only are they incredibly beautiful but, once wrapped up in the Itawulo they honestly replicate a feeling closest to that of a human hug! Mungo cotton towels are light weight, easy to wash and dry super quick too! Do go for bath sheets though, always – size matters when it comes to towels. Now that you have the basic linen sorted for your guest room, an easy way to glam up the bed is a chunky blanket or faux fur throw. There’s a huge range of gorgeous chunky knit blankets available in all colours and shades from La Laine. They are 100% merino wool, locally sourced and made in South Africa. These blankets are an investment, but will last a lifetime and are sure to add luxury and opulence to any bedroom space.


  • Subtle Fragrance and Ambiance – When we walk into a room, we don’t only see, but we feel and smell too! We have touched on linen fragrance, but scented candles and fresh flowers are another way to create a sensory experience your guests will never forget! Madame Luna have the most gorgeous range of candles, housed in beautiful porcelain or glass containers. These are not just scented candles; they are stunning décor accessories! There’s an undeniable feeling of serenity when you walk into a room with a candle lit, and that feeling is what makes a room or stay memorable! Another easy addition for a sensory experience is that of fresh flowers or plants! You don’t have to spend a fortune; the best bouquets are the ones picked with love from the garden! I love the beautiful eucalyptus fragrance from penny gum as its ages, and it ages well! A few penny gum leaves in a vase look elegant and last beautifully for up to two weeks!


  • Easy Storage – It’s a really nice touch to have a large basket in a guest room. Living out of a suitcase can be frustrating. A basket can provide a place for guests to easily store their dirty clothes, whether they need to have them laundered or not, it’s a great way to separate clean and dirty clothes when living out of a suitcase. Mia Melange cotton rope baskets wont damage delicate clothing as they are soft and woven from cotton not stiff fibres like cane or seagrass. The baskets come is all shapes and sizes, so you can buy a smaller matching bowl for your guests’ little trinkets, such as keys and cell phones – when we’re not at home, we easily misplace our belongings! Just another convenient touch that makes the world of a difference to a guest!


Space Flip Interiors is passionate about sourcing and buying local! All of the suppliers and designers featured in this article are proudly South African! Don’t hesitate to explore the incredible talent that we have right here at home, foreign guests especially, will appreciate a taste of Africa!

If you need help with a room flip, or South African styling to make your guests space unforgettable contact Space Flip Interiors! We are based in Constantia, Cape Town and will be only too happy to share the joy of local products!

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